Journal Selection


Choosing the appropriate journal for publishing is a tedious process.

Your article may even be groundbreaking, but if submitted to a journal of scope and target audience that does not match well, the chances for publication are slim.


Medical-Paper will help you select the appropriate target journal for your manuscript.


In the effort of making your expectations meet reality, we will shortlist target journals enabling us to optimise your preferences regarding publication costs, duration, Journal IF, reach, scope, open access, peer-reviewed, etc.


Simulated Review (pre-submission)


The aim of this service is to evaluate the manuscript and identify potential problems, flaws and scientific inadequacies.


Medical-Paper will run a peer-review detailing all the suggestions for improvements. The service may also apply to other medical works, such as posters, students' dissertations, PhD works or research projects.


We will not edit your paper. We only evaluate, point out weaknesses and provide comments in "track change" mode for you to interpret and address.

Journal Submission


The process of submitting a final manuscript for publication may be quite troublesome. It varies from journal to journal, but typically you would need to register, create an account, complete all forms, provide a compelling cover letter, correctly upload the manuscript components (figures, tables), comply with required formatting, provide a list of prospective reviewers, etc.


Medical-Paper will do it for you so you save time and frustration.


We will follow each step of the submission process for you, monitor the manuscript status throughout the peer-review and publication process, as well as communicate with the editor of the journal on your behalf.

Response to Reviewers


Almost all articles need to be revised before publication. This is the job of peer-reviewers who evaluate your manuscript and raise important questions, which need to be answered by the author. Also, the reviewers may point out flaws and weaknesses of your article that you must correct and improve when possible.

Medical-Paper will help you address the reviewers' comments.

We will help you revise your paper to resolve reviewers' doubts and will assist you in communicating properly and making point-wise response to their queries.


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