​Our editing process may involve:

  • Thorough and comprehensive revision of the manuscript (linguistics, style, content, biostatistics) followed by incorporating substantive changes to the text

  • Checking manuscript linguistics for spelling, vocabulary, grammar and punctuation

  • Ensuring the use of correct medical terminology, units, symbols and variables, as well as consistency in writing style, referencing style and use of abbreviations

  • Rephrasing and revising sentence structure, improving word choice, reorganizing paragraphs to ensure text consistency, flow, clarity and academic argumentation

  • Truncating structure and shortening sentences to ensure clarity

  • Addressing the manuscript layout to ensure it complies with individual publisher's guidelines

  • Including side notes and comments from the editor on identified problems of limited amendment capacity (confusing message, improper argument, study design, methodology or statistics)

Our team of editing doctors are qualified for academic writing and have experience with the requirements of individual journals from the field of their specialization.
This way your manuscript is custom-edited to comply with the publisher's guidelines, style and formatting.

Also, It is not uncommon for the editing doctor to identify issues in subject matter, such as unclear argument, doubtful methodology or erroneous statistics. Addressing such problems is not always possible without consulting the author who needs to address the eventual comments from the editor.

This service applies to papers that require SUBSTANTIVE EDITING OF CONTENT in order to bring it up to the standards of publication.
Usually the manuscripts are still a draft version
or have been submitted but have received unfavourable reviewer's comments.


Medical-Paper follows the updated Good Publication Practice 3 of ISMPP for the writing process and the recommendations of ICMJE for the manuscript content. We intend to ensure that the edited manuscripts comply with guidelines specific for study type such as STROBE, PRISMA, CARE, STARD, PROCESS, etc.



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